Escape The “Dread Zone” And Get Her To See You As More Than A Friend

Most men who have platonic female friends experience the following scenario at some point in their life…

They meet an attractive woman and immediately hit it off. They exchange texts, call each other on the phone, and hang out together from time to time. They seem inseparable and perfect together.

But then something funny happens…

As time goes on, the relationship never moves any further along the romantic continuum. The woman shares her deepest thoughts, feelings, and secrets with the man, but never sees him as a dating partner. Instead, she relegates him to the friend zone, a place no man wants to be.

Once inside a woman’s “friend zone”, it can be extremely difficult to get out. However, thanks to programs like the Girlfriend Activation System and some extremely clever tactics for “resetting impression”, getting out of the friend zone isn’t impossible. Learn more about how to reset a woman’s impression of you and get her to see you as more than a friend over at

This article takes a closer look at the subject and provides valuable and time tested advice that will no doubt help you get any woman to see you as more than a friend.


As a famous saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. The best way to stay out of the friend zone is to not get put there in the first place.

There are several effective methods for doing this, and they typically involve how you approach your relationship with a woman at the very beginning. Dr. Venita Mehta, a well-known psychotherapist featured on Men’s Health and other media outlets, explains many men make the mistake of sending mixed signals at the start of the relationship.

Let’s take a look at a common signaling mistake you should avoid like the plague.


It’s not easy to reveal your true feelings to an incredibly attractive woman. Not only does it open you to rejection, but there’s also the fear of scaring her off if she thinks you’re too into her too fast. The problem is, most men avoid these potential drawbacks by expressing their feelings ambiguously.

In other words, they send mixed signals. If a woman feels that a man just wants to be her good friend, she will treat him accordingly. But if he lets her know he’s interested from the very beginning, she knows exactly where he stands and can react accordingly.

Admittedly, in some situations a woman may still decide to keep the relationship platonic, but if this happens, the man saves himself the trouble of getting out of the friend zone down the road. He can simply accept the relationship, move on, and look to connect with other women.

On the other hand, if she decides he is dating material, then taking a direct approach sets the stage for a new romantic partner. Either way, it’s a win-win situation, which is why it’s always best to make your intentions known from the very beginning if you want a girl to see you as more than a friend.


Perhaps a woman has already placed you in the ‘dread’ zone. Here are some tips to help you make your escape.

If you’ve been ‘friended’, then rest assured you already have many of the characteristics she wants in a prospective mate. She almost certainly feels comfortable around you and trusts you. You just aren’t turning her on or making her feel the attraction – yet.

To get her to see you as more than a friend, try the following:

* Accentuate the physical features she finds attractive.

As the ‘friend’, you already have a significant advantage in this regard. More than likely, you’ve already sat and listened to her talk about other men and explain her “type”. Use this information wisely, accentuate the features she likes the most, and watch her perception of you slowly start to change

* Avoid talking about past or current relationships.

When a woman talks to you about her relationship problems with other men, it’s a sure sign you are the “friend” and not the “potential boyfriend”.

If you do the same thing with her and talk about the problems you’ve had with other women, she may assume she is the ‘friend’. To avoid this situation, never talk to the woman who is your love interest about past or future relationships – at least until you are already in a romantic relationship with her yourself! Even then, there’s no reason to discuss it unless she specifically asks.

* Manage the environments in which you interact.

Make a shift from the usual places where you meet and hang out, and spend more time in places that maximize your alone time together. It will be hard to change her perception of you if there’s always a bunch of other friends around vying for her attention.

* Use body language to show your interest.

Use eye contact, light physical touch, expansive gestures, and appropriate, but flirtatious compliments.

Gauge her reaction at every step; if something makes her uncomfortable, back off a little. Conversely, if she responds well to your advances, then it’s full steam ahead!

The game of love and courtship can be painful, scary, and a big source of stress. That said, it can also be joyful, fulfilling, and life affirming.

Visit the link I posted above about the Girlfriend Activation System if you need help. Life’s too short to spend it wondering, “What if?” Instead, don’t settle, be proactive, take action, and remove yourself from the friend zone so you can develop the relationship with her you really want.